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Sam and Victoria

About us!

When Sam started thinking about weaning her first baby, she followed the well trammelled path of buying a small library of books, scouring the internet in the wee hours and becoming more and more confused about the best approach to take and how to ensure her baby got off to the best start with food.

As a health and nutrition conscious Mum, the idea of using pouches and ‘processed’ foods for her baby, when she wouldn’t be happy to eat them herself seemed wrong - and having the time to research and prepare top notch nutritious meals at home was intimidating.

She wanted someone who knew what they were doing and who she could trust to tell her what to do, and for her little girl to eat delicious home cooked meals.

That’s when friend, and Tots Table’s chief dietitian, Victoria, came to the rescue!

Designing a special meal plan for baby Olivia, setting out where all of her nutritional needs were being met, telling Sam what to cook and what finger foods to try and how to prepare them.

And so Tots Table was formed. We want to support you with your baby’s journey! Here’s to the next generation of healthy foodies!

Victoria is a paediatric dietitian who has worked in the NHS for 10 years. She is thrilled to be involved in tots table, excited to share evidence-based knowledge, experience and help make meal times fun!