Our Food

The nutrition your baby receives during its first 1,000 days of life is fundamental to its development in so many ways – from brain development to developing those little taste buds.

At Tots Table, we understand that introducing your baby to this world of food is an exciting, but daunting time! You’re probably grappling with an endless list of questions - when should we start weaning? What foods do we give first and what shouldn’t we try? How much food do we give...? How do we introduce allergens? And that’s before you even start thinking about making the food!

So we’ve created dietitian planned, freshly prepared baby meals that are flash frozen and delivered direct to your door. Your meals will arrive alongside a specially curated meal plan, clear guidance on how and when to introduce different foods and tips and tricks to support you along the way. So you can be sure that your baby’s meals are nutritionally balanced, packed with different flavours and yummy too - setting your baby up for a lifetime of great eating.

Why are our meals frozen? We use top quality ingredients to prepare our meals and snacks, which are flash frozen to lock in the goodness of all of those valuable vitamins and minerals.

Flash freezing acts as a natural preservative, which means that our meals don’t have any additional preservatives or undergo any unhealthy packaging processes to preserve the ingredients. You’ve told us that frozen meals are much more convenient, and minimise food waste too, so its win win!

So let us save you time researching, chopping, pureeing and stressing, leaving you to

concentrate on creating those special moments with your baby (and maybe having that shower, hitting that gym class or enjoying a glass of wine!)